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Upper Eyelid Surgery for Women Fort Lauderdale

Cosmetic Upper Eyelid Surgery for Women

Sagging of the thin upper eyelid skin may give the impression that the eyelids are drooped and is one of the first areas of the face that begin to show signs of aging. The loose or extra skin in the upper eyelids may make you appear fatigued and older than your real age. Hooding of the upper eyelid crease makes the application of make-up difficult and cosmetics can no longer hide the aging process. Upper eyelid cosmetic surgery also called upper eyelid blepharoplasty may be the perfect answer that you are seeking.

A customized upper eyelid surgery translates into a re-contouring of the upper eyelids. Dr. Felder can achieve this goal on patients by removing the precise amount of excess upper eyelid skin, with the removal of any bulging fatty deposits, if present. Dr. Felder has the experience with over 8,000 eyelid surgeries performed, to identify unique characteristics in each patient to achieve a natural result.


What to Expect During an Upper Eyelid Surgery

Every patient presents with a distinctive set of characteristics, both with respect to their anatomy and the degree of tissue laxity. No cosmetic surgical procedure is so “standardized” that it is applicable to all patients. Dr. Felder will precisely measure, using a caliper, the exact amount of skin that is going to be removed from both of your upper eyelids.

Dr. Felder places marks on the upper eyelid skin, which is the most important part of the surgery, and functions as a template that will guide his incisions. The majority of the incisions are placed within the eyelid crease to make the incisional scar as natural and inconspicuous as possible. The preponderance of his eyelid surgery is performed using IV sedation or Twilight sleep, however, if the patient desires, the upper eyelid surgery can be performed only using local anesthesia, with the patient awake.

To prevent you from having any discomfort while you are sleeping Dr. Felder will inject a numbing agent, beneath the skin, this will also help maintain comfort after surgery for several hours. An incision along the lines will allow him to remove the perfect amount of loose upper skin. If present, bulging fat pads in the inner corner of the upper eyelid can be contoured. Dr. Felder will make certain there will be but enough fat left behind to prevent a “hollowed-out” appearance. The incisions are then closed with small non-absorbable stitches, after which a topical ophthalmic antibiotic ointment will be applied.

Post-Operative Course:

You will experience minimal if any discomfort. Most patients are comfortable with only Tylenol®, and many patients need no pain management. The anesthesia is mild and therefore the majority of patients will not experience nausea. Dr. Felder recommends crushed ice compresses or frozen peas, contained in zip-lock bags for the first 48 hours. After 48 hours there is no need for any more ice. You must avoid any exercise for the first two weeks to prevent any rise in blood pressure, bleeding, or opening of the wound.

After surgery, you may have minimal bruising and swelling for a couple of weeks. However, many patients never bruise and only have minimal swelling. Your stitches are usually removed in the office by only Dr. Felder within 7-8 days following surgery. You can expect that the incisions will appear initially pink and slightly raised and over a few months these incisional scars will fade almost completely.


Why consider a custom eyelid lift surgery

  • Loose or hanging skin that creates folds or alters the natural contour of the upper eyelid, sometimes impairing vision, can be treated by upper eyelid lift surgery or upper eyelid blepharoplasty.
  • Upper eyelid surgery can remove excess fatty deposits that appear as puffiness or fullness in the upper eyelids.


Is it right for me?

A blepharoplasty procedure is usually performed on adult women who have healthy facial soft tissue and have realistic goals for improvement of the upper eyelids and surrounding area. You should only undergo cosmetic surgery to make a positive change in your self-image not to fulfill someone else’s ideal image. Dr. Felder will consult with you and determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.


Ideal candidates for cosmetic eyelid surgery are:

  • Individuals with reasonable expectations and a positive outlook
  • Healthy individuals who do not have a  medical condition that can impair healing
  • Individuals without serious eye conditions

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