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Upper Eyelid Surgery for Men Fort Lauderdale

Male Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

Upper Eyelid surgery in men can have a rejuvenating effect on a man’s overall appearance, improving confidence in social settings and in the work place. Loose and droopy upper eyelid skin suggest a fatigued and tired appearance. There has been an increase in the number of men seeking upper eyelid surgery, due to the fact the business world is becoming more competitive and men are working longer. With more men seeking a refreshed look, Dr. Felder now performs more male surgery than in the past. Men make up approximately 25% of all of Dr. Felder’s eyelid surgery. We have all seen male actors undergo cosmetic surgery with very telltale signs, many of which are very unflattering. Dr. Felder makes it a strong point to have his male patients look natural after surgery which he feels can be accomplished and is an absolute necessity. The key is to maintain masculine eyelid characteristics.


Blepharoplasty Procedure:

The surgery for cosmetic eyelid surgery in men is very similar as it is in women, but with some alterations. The elimination of overhanging upper eyelid skin and the contouring of the bulging fat pad near the medial aspect of the upper eyelid are common to both men and women. However, the goals of a male patient differ in some respects from female patients. We need to maintain the low eyelid crease in men, thus not feminizing their appearance. This feminized look can be avoided by planning a low crease incision. In contrast the upper eyelid incision of a  woman typically has a slightly higher crease which provides a wider eyelid “platform” that allows cosmetics to be applied.

Prior to surgery, in the exam room, Dr. Felder will measure the exact amount of skin and location of the upper eyelid crease that will achieve the best aesthetic and functional result for men.  In order to achieve symmetry equivalent measurements are made on both upper eyelids using calipers.


Will I have bruising and swelling following surgery and if so how can I prevent it?

During the pre-operative consultation Dr. Felder and his staff will review your medical history including all medications, supplements, and vitamins that you should avoid prior to surgery. Dr. Felder recommends that all anti-coagulant medications be discontinued 10-14 days prior to your scheduled procedure. The list of drugs to avoid is extensive and we will provide you with that list. A partial list includes aspirin (including baby aspirin), Advil, Motrin, Aleve, all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, fish oil, Omegas, flax seed oil and vitamin E (which may be contained in your multiple vitamins) and many other drugs and supplements. We will order a complete blood count will also help our staff determine whether you have adequate platelets needed for coagulation. All patients over 50 are required by our office to have a recent EKG, to determine any possible cardiac problems.


When will my sutures be removed?

The upper eyelid sutures will be removed only by Dr. Felder, in approximately seven days following upper eyelid surgery.


Will there be significant pain or nausea during or following the procedure?

Patients typically do not experience pain during or after the eyelid surgery. Most patients choose to have their procedures performed under monitored IV Sedation or “twilight” anesthesia. Anesthesia will be administered under the supervision of a board certified anesthetist. Our two anesthetists have performed anesthesia in every one of our patients for the last fourteen years. Patients rarely complain of nausea because the intravenous medications are closely titrated. Our anesthetists will see you prior to the surgery and if you have a history of nausea, we will add anti-nausea medications during the procedure to ensure a smooth recovery. In most cases you will not experience pain or remember the events surrounding the procedure. Your eyelids will appear natural, brighter, more youthful and your overall appearance will be rejuvenated.