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Laser Resurfacing for Skin Tightening Fort Lauderdale

Lumenis Fractional Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Felder has been performing laser skin resurfacing since 1995. He began with the Sharplan CO2 laser in the mid-1990s integrating this with his no scar no-stitch lower eyelid transconjunctival blepharoplasty. While the healing time of the CO2 laser was lengthy, the results were unsurpassed. In 2009, Dr. Felder began using the newest technology, called Fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. While there were less expensive models, Dr. Felder chose the Lumenis Ultrapulse technology. Dr. Felder is convinced this was and is the finest of any fractional laser for skin resurfacing. He began using the Lumenis Fractional Laser in 2009 and continues to do so today.

Dr. Felder authored and co-authored some of the very first articles on laser resurfacing of the eyelids. (These articles can be referenced from his CV). Fractional laser resurfacing of the eyelids is not for every patient, but the majority of them. For those patients having laser resurfacing with eyelid surgery, and those just having laser resurfacing, Dr. Felder can vary the setting for the best aesthetic result. Dr. Felder believes the Lumenis Fractional CO2 laser is the platinum standard for laser resurfacing, which has been confirmed by clinical studies. He utilizes the Active FX and Deep FX treatments together which is called Total FX, using the Lumenis Fractional laser to achieve unparalleled results by creating a small portion of the skin.

The Lumenis Fractional CO2 laser can treat the eyelids, face, neck, chest, and hands improving the texture, erasing years of sun damage along with tightening the skin. Dr. Felder proudly provides this cosmetic treatment in his Fort Lauderdale, FL, facility.


The Lumenis Ultrapulse Fractional Laser…The Platinum Standard in Fractional Laser Resurfacing

The Ultrapulse laser is capable of three treatments: Active FX, Deep FX, and Total FX (a combination of both Active FX and Deep FX). The Active FX treatment very precisely removes skin to a pre-determined depth. The Deep FX treatment provides additional tightening by promoting collagen growth. It is extremely effective for textural irregularities (such as acne scars) and deep wrinkles. When both the Active FX and Deep FX are performed(which Dr. Felder performs the majority of the time), this is considered Total FX therapy. This laser on most occasions only has to be performed one time, unlike other fractional lasers that require several treatments. Recovery from these procedures is normally one week or less.


A Synergy of Art and Science

I am certain that Dr. Felder’s knowledge, expertise, and experience are unparalleled in oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Felder, Jill, and Diane are the best! I had lower laser eyelid resurfacing and found the procedure to be painless. The follow up instructions were clear and easy to follow. I greatly appreciate Dr. Felder and his wonderful health care professionals. My results are fantastic and surpassed my expectations.




Before and After Laser Resurfacing

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  • Immediate skin tightening after one treatment
  • Reduces wrinkles, pore sizes, and fine lines
  • Improved skin tone and texture
  • Improves depression in the skin, such as acne scars and deep wrinkles (Deep FX)
  • Minimal downtime – usually less than a week
  • Short procedure time – less than 40 minutes for a full-face treatment
  • Stimulation of collagen growth for up to six months
  • Long-lasting results that can continue for years



Patients with any degree of sun damage are good candidates for laser resurfacing. Dr. Felder believes using the laser for skin tightening during his lower eyelid transconjunctival blepharoplasty, will give the best and most natural result. The UltraPulse is considered safe for many darker skin types. Pigment irregularities are best treated with Active FX, but deeper wrinkles and acne scars require a Total FX treatment. Patients who have taken Accutane in the past 12 months or have a history of keloid scarring should not undergo treatment.

How Much Does a Lumenis Fractional Laser Resurfacing for Skin Tightening Costs?

The overall cost of an Lumenis Fractional Laser Resurfacing for Skin Tightening is affected by anesthesia fees, hospital fees, post-surgery garments, and medications. Price is also impacted by medical tests, surgeon’s fees, and the exact techniques employed.



If you’re interested in learning more about improving the look and feel of your skin with advanced laser technology, don’t hesitate to contact our office to schedule your consultation today. Dr. Felder will guide you through the laser skin resurfacing process and address any questions or concerns you have along the way.



Lumenis Ultrapulse Fractional Laser frequently asked questions:


Most patients notice an immediate improvement after the laser, but collagen growth leads to additional improvement, tightening, and refinement over approximately four to six months.


Most often Dr. Felder performs full-face laser resurfacing under twilight or IV Sedation anesthesia. The majority of his eyelid surgery is performed under the same anesthesia, so there is minimal to no discomfort. When Dr. Felder is performing laser resurfacing without eyelid surgery, all that is needed is a local anesthetic injected into the area that diminishes all discomfort. Following the procedure, patients often experience a ‘sunburned’ feeling that subsides over a couple of hours. After this initial period, there is virtually no discomfort, whether performing eyelid, full-face, neck, or chest laser resurfacing.


The downtime is typically less than one week. The treated skin usually peels in three to five days, giving rise to a fresher, more youthful skin appearance. The skin may be slightly pink, which typically fades within a week or two. This is easily concealed with makeup. Dr. Felder has special post-laser products which enhance and speed up the recovery process.


Compared to the old-style CO2 laser treatments popular years ago, there are very few risks and complications. Risks are minimized if sun exposure is limited for a short period after the procedure. Treatment with the Ultrapulse laser is very safe because the treatments are very precise. Any changes in skin pigmentation are usually very mild and temporary.

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